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Celeb style steal: The Kardashians

 photo FP_6113297_RIJ_KARDASHIAN_SKECHERS_112210_zpsee48b42f.jpg

It would seem the Kardashians love to wear a sketcher trainer and we those perfect bodies I bet they wear them a lot while they’re working out in the gym for hours at a time.

With christmas around the corner, yep Christmas (14 more Saturdays people) its around this time us girls (and some boys) need to lose that bit of holiday weight we snuck on eating ice creams and sipping one to many cocktails! We all want to look fabulous in our christmas party dresses so of course we need to get kitted out in great sports wear in order to spur us onto losing those love handles.

Well guess what? Yours truly stock some of these beautiful sketchers so you can work out in style.

Check out these Kim Kardashian numbers

 photo 11728_bkhp_zps6f6183b5.jpg

Or maybe these neon pink ones are more to your taste, their definitely very me (see this post)

 photo 11729_hptq_zpsf371a0f5.jpg

Which are your favourite?

Kylie – lazy2lovely 

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